At the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center we teach the Hong Style, Five Animal Shaolin Kung Fu.  Hong Style Kung Fu is an ancient and authentic Chinese fighting art. It is one of the oldest and most sophisticated of all fighting arts.  Hong Style is a complete and genuine system of combat inclusive of empty hand forms, weapons forms, training in the 18 classical weapons, horse stance training, Chi Kung exercises for strength and health, ground fighting, iron palm and forearm training, Chin-Na (grappling-the seize and control art), philosophy and history.  The system is made up of a series of free flowing movements, offensive and defensive in nature, that combines motion with stillness, swiftness with leisure, vigor with gentleness, and feint with real attack.

Hong Style Kung Fu was developed from the methods, skills and fighting techniques of Shaolin Temple boxers emulating the movements of five animals. The five animals are the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake and Crane.  The Dragon techniques are comprised of the dragon claw and what is commonly known as a fist.  These techniques exercise the spirit, stressing power, flexibility and gracefulness.  The Tiger uses clawing motions and these exercises strengthen the bones.  The Leopard develops speed and power, whereas the Snake develops Chi, or internal power, and is geared for pinpoint striking of vital areas.  The Crane includes crane beak and crane wing techniques. It is based on exercises to strengthen the sinews and stresses balance and quick foot movements.

Along with the hand sets, and floor work techniques, the system is comprised of elaborate kicking techniques and over 45 individual stances that bridge smoothly with one another for a tactical experience like none other.  When you become proficient with your leg techniques you will be able to avoid or evade attacks from single or multiple opponents. The system also includes leg techniques for trapping, tripping, sweeping and kicking.

Hong Style incorporates both hard (external) and soft (internal) techniques.  We teach all the components of this ancient martial art that are of paramount importance to be proficient and apply the Kung Fu to real life self-defense situations.  For example, you will learn proper breathing techniques, proper timing, transitional movements (providing smoothness and gracefulness to forms), rapid changes of direction and height level combined with short, medium and long-range fighting distances.  You will also learn how to protect around your body 360 degrees, fight from all directions and make the left side of your body ambidextrous to the right side of your body.  The latter is an important concept because right-handed techniques are for defense against left-handed people and vice-versa, so if you only fight from one half-side of your body, you’ve only learned half of what you really need to know to defend yourself completely.

In Hong Style Kung Fu we also study the ancient art of Ch’ang Ming, the ancient Buddhist and Taoist dietary guidelines for health and longevity.  We practice Chi Kung exercises for the development of Chi, which in turn, strengthens the bones and muscles and has a therapeutic effect on the internal organs.  We also practice Buddhist meditation and breathing exercises to unite the body with the mind and spirit.  Through practice, you will attain self-control, confidence, focus, concentration, strength, speed, agility, stamina and balance.

All classes in this ancient and authentic style of kung fu are taught by Sifu Dr. Jan L. Miller.  Classes are two hours in length and are comprised of beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  After a complete warm-up exercise set including stretching and internal/external Chi Kung exercises, each student is taught privately by the Sifu within the small class setting so that everyone learns at their own pace and is neither forced ahead nor held back.  The Sifu, renowned and loved for his patience and personal teaching style, works with each student, and will specially tailor his method of instruction for you so that you will be able to learn and excel at the Kung Fu.

The Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center is dedicated to instilling in its students respect for the martial arts, themselves, and others.  High moral character, ethics, and other important qualities are stressed such as honesty, discipline, perseverance, dedication, patience and kindness.

Through the study and practice of these arts you will learn viable self-defense skills, as well as how to keep yourself healthy and fit to successfully meet the challenges of everyday life.  You will achieve mind-body-spirit integration and the martial arts will become “a way of life” for you.

The Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center provides a friendly environment where learning is safe and enjoyable and is conveniently located at the Energy Interactive Fitness Center where ample parking is available.

Consultations are offered each month by appointment for all prospective students who are interested in learning more about Hong Style and the other course work taught at the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center.

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