Dr. Miller has been involved with the martial arts for over 55 years.  As a representative of the Lung Hu Pai (Dragon Tiger Clan of the Shaolin Arts), he teaches the ancient and original methodology of the revered and well-respected Shaolin monks and Temple boxers.  Dr. Miller has an extensive background in the martial arts, which includes, but is not limited to Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Tai Chi Chuan, Filipino Stick and Dagger Fighting, and various forms of Knife Fighting.  He was nominated to the Kung Fu Hall of Fame in 1983 for Instructor of the Year. 


Dr. Miller was fortunate to have the rare privilege of studying with authentic Wu Shu masters and devoted martial arts teachers over the years.  He would like to take this opportunity to thank those teachers, masters and their teachers for their trust, friendship, dedication, devotion and for the knowledge and skills that they have passed down to him:  Master Rene Navarro, Grandmaster Johnny Chiuten, Great Grandmaster Lao Kim, Master Li Chang, Master Sun Shurong, Master Sun Cunzhou, Grandmaster Sun Lu Tang, Theodore Miller, Primo Carnera, Sensei Steve Willoughby, Master Tatsu Shimabuku, Sensei Jerome Mackey, Steve Zimmerman, Daniel Wicker, John Recknor, David Sarser, and Gus Demetriadis.


Dr. Miller holds a PhD in psychology and social psychiatry.  He teaches the martial arts at the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center, and in various public and private settings.  Best said in his own words, “One can not practice Kung Fu, one must live Kung Fu”


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