Kung Fu for Kids (ages 8-13)

Our dynamic program in the ancient and authentic

Hong Style, Five Animal Shaolin Kung Fu, specifically designed for kids.


Tai Chi for Kids (ages 5-11)

Now children can have fun and experience the numerous health, learning, and social benefits of Tai Chi… improved balance, flexibility, circulation, weight control & overall health, focused attention, enhanced creativity & imagination, and self-confidence through the soft, flowing, graceful movements of the Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan Forms


The Kung Fu Self-Defense Program For Kids (ages 5-11)

In this fun and exciting 6 week program your child will learn effective and proven skills and techniques to protect themselves from unprovoked attacks. This unique program is geared to teaching your child to fend off attacks from strangers, schoolyard bullies and even those individuals who may be physically bigger, stronger or older.



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