Dit Da Jow
Original Formula



One of the many features that differentiate Kung Fu from other fighting arts is its extensive use of herbs for toughening.  Herbal liniments are used to toughen parts of the body used for striking and blocking as well as to heal bruises, swellings, sprains, fractures and muscles pulled apart in training.  This famous Chinese liniment called Dit Da Jow is a liniment prepared by soaking herbs in alcohol.  Its most important purposes are to: increase circulation in the injured or toughened area, dissolve blood clots, regenerate blood cells, hasten the growth of bone cells, alleviate pains associated with bone bruises and pain in the joints, decrease swellings, relax and strengthen tendons and ligaments, and cause healing energy known as Chi to flow along it channels.  It is also used to prevent injuries while training and/or engaging in all types of sports by acting as an invisible brace on the skin.  Different schools or styles of Kung Fu have their own formulas for such liniments to fit the particular needs of the school.  Dit Da Jow that is available in Chinese stores or Chinese pharmacies is usually very weak or is a generalized formula not specific to certain stages or types of Kung Fu training.  The Dit Da Jow liniment used at the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center is an all-natural ancient formula, which dates back to the 7th century and is especially prepared by hand and aged by Sifu Jan L. Miller.  It is very strong Dit Da Jow that is extremely effective in hastening healing, decreasing swelling, and relieving pain associated with bruises, broken bones, bone and joint pains.  2 oz. bottle.


Emperor's Golden
Fire Liniment 



This is an all-natural Herbal Liniment.  It is excellent for skin eruptions of any kind, including blemishes, pimples, acne, boils, and eruptive rashes.  Apply it as often as possible to the erupted area(s), but at least twice a day.  It will get hot, but will not burn the skin.  It will cleanse the area and clear up the eruptions internally, draining them through the body’s lymphatic system.  It is also very good whenever a liniment is needed.  Use it for pains, painful swellings, bruises, sprains, scalds, burns, and sunburns.  It should be applied freely, massaging it in for sprains and bruises.  Apply it over the sinuses to drain them when sinusitis occurs.  It is also useful for headaches.  Apply it to the temples, the back of the neck, and the forehead.  It is also very effective for rheumatism & arthritis.  For a toothache, apply it in the cavity and all around on the gums and on the outside of the jaw if necessary.  It will take the swelling and soreness away.  It is excellent for pyorrhea and sores in the mouth.  Saturate a piece of cotton and thoroughly wash the mouth with the liniment; or take a mouthful, rinse the mouth with it, and spit it out; or apply liniment on both sides of the gums with a little cotton, gauze, or Q-tips.  It is also useful for the control of athlete’s foot.  Apply frequently, saturating the affected parts thoroughly.  This liniment is FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY and should not be swallowed.  KEEP IT OUT OF EYES.  2 oz. bottle.









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